Best Scuba Diving Sites Near Siesta Key

Located along the west coast of Florida, Siesta Key is an amazing area with luxurious sandy beaches, friendly locals, and a plethora of things to do and see. Whether you’re looking for a private getaway to unwind from your everyday life or you’re looking for a place to bring the whole family, we suggest Siesta Key as your next vacation spot for sure!

When you’re worn out from a day of fun, stay in one of these amazing beach rentals properties. We are committed to helping you find the best Siesta Key condo rental or larger luxury home that will suit your every need while you are here! 

For obvious reasons, the beaches are what tend to bring the crowds, but there is so much more in Siesta Key than just the beaches. With the various restaurants to enjoy local cuisine, the unique shops, and the flora and fauna of the area, you are sure to be in awe with every new turn. The activities that you can partake in are also all unique and entertaining. If you’re looking for some ideas on things to do, we suggest you take a look at some of our personal favorites! We would also be remiss if we didn’t include kayaking and paddleboarding in this amazing list. With some of the most serene waterways in the world, you will want to go out and explore for sure. 

If you’re looking for something a little more breathtaking, pardon the pun, then perhaps diving is more your speed!

Why stick to the surface when you can explore the entire world waiting for you beneath the waves?

school of bonefish in the Gulf

About Marine Life Around Siesta Key

The marine life in this part of Florida is absolutely spectacular. Depending on the areas you plan on diving in, you are sure to see a wide variety of fish including tarpon, grouper, snapper, jacks, snook, mackerel, and trout. However, you are bound to see some of our bigger aquatic friends as well. With most diving areas being close to reefs, both manmade and natural, they are the perfect feeding areas for some of the larger mammals. Dolphins, manatees, and even some more docile breeds of sharks are known to roam near the reef. There is little need for worry, as these creatures avoid divers as much as the divers avoid them. However, jellyfish and stingrays are also known to roam the warmer waters, so caution is given before most dives begin by the dive instructor and charter guides. 

woman scuba diving

Where to Go

There are many places in Siesta Key where diving will bring you some incredible views. A few that we suggest include M-10 and M-17. Both of these barges were sunk in the early 1900s as artificial reefs. They are now home to hard corals, and lots of tropical fish. Again, you will find your usual amberjack, hogfish, and filefish here as well, which are sure to give you plenty of species to check off your list! 

In the middle stretch of Siesta Key is Point of Rocks, which is said to hold buried treasure! You can read more about the treasure and other fun facts of Siesta Key. This area has been called the best snorkeling and diving area in all of Sarasota, so be sure to make it part of your adventure list. 

One last area that needs to be discussed is Venice Beach, an area that is known to be a hot spot for finding fossilized shark teeth! Can you imagine being able to bring one of those home with you as a dive souvenir? You can either dive from the shores of Venice Beach or take a boat trip from Siesta Key. When you arrive, you simply need to look for patches of black gravel in the shallow water and then begin your search. We do suggest keeping your movement as slow as possible to avoid making visibility worse. The harder it is to see, the hard they are to find!

scuba diver in the water

Who To Go With

Unless you are a certified diver, we suggest ensuring that you are being accompanied by a dive instructor. As a rule, you should never dive alone, even when you are certified. Having a dive instructor isn’t just good for safety but also for ensuring that you are getting the most out of your underwater adventure. These instructors and guides know how to read the water and can bring you to some absolutely amazing places. If you’re unsure where to start looking for a dive instructor, then we have two suggestions for you. 

First, check out Ocean Pro Dive Shop in Sarasota. They have a promise to deliver the best quality service that you will find anywhere and are there for those who are looking to learn about diving, or for those who have experience and simply need the equipment. They offer guided tours of the local reefs and know the ins and outs of waterways in Sarasota. They also offer classes so that you understand the basics of diving before venturing out to sea. One unique thing they also offer is spearfishing. If you’re looking for a brand-new experience, we suggest spearfishing for sure!

Another option is Keys Huka Dive. They also offer dive charters, snorkel trips, spearfishing expeditions, dive training, and scuba courses, and they boast the ultimate reef experience. Their pictures say it all. They offer diving in full gear and tankless diving, where you have your air supplied by a surface float. 

Where to Come Back to Relax

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be found! After your busy day of diving, you are going to want to take some time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and discuss your experiences! There are many places in Siesta Key, but we suggest Ophelia’s on the Bay. When you first walk in, you will be awestruck by the amazing view of Little Sarasota Bay. They have an open-air patio with some amazing food and drinks to end your dive day on a high note. 

Another option is the beach. You spent most of the day below the surface of the water, and now, in the early evening, you can take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the sandy beach at sunset. The best part is that you can gaze out at the water and know that only hours prior, you were exploring the world beneath the waves!

However, one of the best places to relax may be right back in your condo! Our condos offer a wide variety of amenities including swimming pools, hot tubs, and even rooftop patios which can offer you some breathtaking views as well. You may want to head back to your condo, throw on some comfy clothes, and lounge around discussing everything that you did that day.

Siesta Key Beach Rentals

With every one of our amazing rental properties having so much to offer, we guarantee that you will enjoy your stay and want to return in the future!

Siesta Key may become your new vacation spot, year after year. So contact us today and let us help you book your next incredible Florida vacation and adventure. 


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