Siesta Key Conservation and Environmental Programs

While enjoying your stay in one of our amazing Siesta Key rentals, you’re sure to take a trip to the white sand and turquoise waters that keep the locals here and bring the visitors back each year. We are proud of our beaches here in Siesta Key, but we need the help of the visitors to ensure that they remain in the beautiful condition that they are in. 

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The environment around Siesta Key and Sarasota is filled with an abundance of flora and fauna who have made their homes here. It is because of care and consideration from the visitors and locals that these species keep coming back and calling our shores home. The water is always inviting; however, like any body of water, nature can act out on some days. We encourage visitors to check the local environmental broadcasts to check on beach conditions. Anything from riptides to shark activity (although rare) will be mentioned here. 

Local Conservation Groups

The various conservation groups in the area have made it their mission to ensure that Siesta Key and the environment surrounding Sarasota remains in the pristine condition we have come to be known for. As such, some of these groups offer various tours of the island and surrounding waters to help educate the locals and visitors on the amazing ecosystem that thrives here. 

Where Can You Go to Enjoy Nature?

With the various parks and beaches, you can see and experience nature in almost every location you visit; however, some areas offer you views that you won’t catch anywhere else. There are fishing tours, dolphin tours, and even tours of the waterways via airboat, where you are sure to catch a glimpse of some amazing creatures! 

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there are also numerous places to snorkel and dive.

Perhaps you want to snorkel at Point of Rocks and hunt for the legendary treasure buried by pirates years ago! While snorkeling, you will be sure to see an abundance of marine life. Or if you’re looking for something even more adventurous, you can participate in a wreck dive off the coast, where gorgeous reefs have developed around sunken boats over the years. 

How Can You Help Protect Our Plants and Animals on Vacation?

There are many things that we can do to ensure that nothing hinders or hurts the delicate ecosystem of Siesta Key. By ditching the plastic and focusing on being more earth-conscious, we can help positively improve the environment.

Instead of carrying around those plastic water bottles, try using a reusable bottle instead.

When visiting the local restaurants, forgo using a straw and drink from the glass instead. 

One of the biggest things we can do is be present but not active in the various wildlife zones. Each year thousands of baby sea turtles hatch along the beaches of Southern Florida and begin their daunting trek back to the water. While it is okay to photograph these amazing creatures, tourists are interfering more and more with their travel and paths each year, causing the population to steadily decrease. If you want to view these creatures, that’s fine, but please do not engage. 

Plan Your Vacation

If you would like more information on any of our Siesta Key beach rentals, please call 941.349.1125 and speak with a member of our team!

While you’re staying in one of our rentals on Siesta Key, we ask that you obey some of the rules to ensure the sea turtles can thrive. While we have a small list of expectations, we mainly remind guests of the no lights and no touching policy. If your rental unit has any beach facing lights, we ask that they be shut off at night. The turtles follow the dim light of the moon to return to the sea, and the exterior illumination from the rental homes can confuse the turtles and make their journey harder. The “no touching” is straightforward and applies to all wildlife within Siesta Key. 

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Siesta Key Luxury Rentals has prided itself on being as green as we possibly can. We use cleaners and detergents that are certified environmentally friendly. You can feel good knowing that you are relaxing and vacationing in a home and with a rental group that has the highest regard for the environment and being green.


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