Try Siesta Key Spiced Rum on Your Next Vacation

Caribbean rum brings to mind images of pirates and privateers plundering the seas in old wooden ships, and sugar cane plantations and casks stashed away on hidden islands. The tradition of creating tropical-style rum dates back centuries.

Today, it’s often synonymous with kicking back on the beach and soaking up the sun on a vacation getaway. Innovative new distillers are creating delicious new takes on traditional recipes.

Below is a guide to spiced rum from Siesta Key, including where you can find it and what makes it so special.

Rum: Where Does It Come From?

Rum is an alcohol distilled from sugar cane products that thrive in tropical and subtropical regions, like the Caribbean. For this reason, it’s closely associated with warm weather, beaches, and a tropical lifestyle.

The sugar is fermented and distilled to become alcohol, aged in oak barrels, and often spiced, seasoned, and sweetened by master distillers in pursuit of the perfect flavor and character.

Head to the Distillery

Sarasota’s Drum Circle Distilling (2212 Industrial Blvd, Sarasota, FL) is a leading distiller, known for its sweet and smooth Siesta Key Spiced Rum.

The rum is hand-crafted in small batches in Drum Circle’s artisan distillery, and infused with real spices and honey. The taste adds that extra touch of inspired sweetness. No preservatives or artificial flavors are used, just like the days of old.

Whether you’re a discerning rum aficionado or simply a curious enthusiast, a tour of Drum Circle’s artisanal distillery is a fantastic way to learn more about the tradition of rum-making. It’s also an interesting side-trip for curious visitors eager to see how it is all done.

Located in Sarasota, approximately 20 minutes north of Siesta Key Village by car, the informative, entertaining, and delicious distillery tours bring new opportunities to taste Drum Circle’s full suite of craft rum while also meeting the founders of the company. Make sure you call ahead at 941-702-8143 to book your tour and cover tasting prices.

The Siesta Key Spiced Rum distillery is located at 2212 Industrial Blvd, Sarasota, FL, and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day (closed Sundays).

Setting the Mood

Consuming rum often has as much to do with the location and setting as it does the beverage itself. And what better place to enjoy Sarasota’s acclaimed Siesta Key Spiced Rum than in the idyllic white-sand island from which the name is drawn, Siesta Key.

Whether you’re on world famous Siesta Beach, the terrace of luxurious Siesta Key vacation rentals or at a top-tier restaurant a short walk away, Siesta Key will provide the perfect setting to experience the true essence of traditional spiced rum.

Mix It Up at Home

From the breezy terraces of luxurious Siesta Key vacation rentals, you can uncork a bottle and sip it neat, from a tumbler glass experiencing its subtle notes and velvety textures, or on the rocks. Swap the tumbler for a highball glass and splash in a little Coke and a lime wedge for classic American spin on the traditional Caribbean spirit.

If you are feeling a little vivacious, Drum Circle also distills a Siesta Key White Rum. Add this rum, along with a little sugar, lime, mint and soda, to make the ideal pitcher of mojito. Enjoy the mix with friends and family in the low angle afternoon sunshine on Siesta Key before sunset.

Bring Home the Spirit of the Caribbean

When it is time to head back home from your Siesta Key vacation getaway, some spiced rum makes for a perfect gift to yourself or your friends.

It’s a special souvenir that you can taste and share, bringing you back to that moment of perfection: lounging back in a hammock chair, facing west into the gulf with your feet up.

The warm sunset is on your face, there are beads of cool moisture on the outside of your glass, and ice cubes clinking happily among the sweet, spiced Florida tradition within.

Contact us at (941) 349-1125 for information on our Siesta Key vacation rentals. More importantly, contact us for the authentic Siesta Key experience: drink in hand, watching the sun dip below the blue waters.


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