Where to Find The Best Breakfast in Siesta Key

For many people, choosing the right vacation spot can rely on a number of different factors. Location, weather, food, and activities all play an important role in choosing just the right place. Luckily, when choosing Siesta Key condo rentals, you are covering all of your bases in one shot! Our incredible condos will scratch off the location box on your list, and with our extensive knowledge of everything that is Siesta Key, we are sure that we can check everything else off that list as well. 

Whether you are choosing to come with a partner as a romantic getaway or with the entire family, Siesta Key is always the right choice. The inviting scenery and beach life is enough to make anyone swoon for this location, and the numerous restaurants will have your mouth watering! 

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make sure you’re doing it right? The number of delicious bistros and cafes in Siesta Key can be overwhelming, and while we implore you to do your own research and pick out some spots that you want to try, we also have a list of our personal favorites for you to check out!

Village Café

This amazing family-owned restaurant has been a favorite for locals and visitors alike since 1995. They offer you filling portions of amazing food and have something for everyone! Their menu is quite extensive, but we promise that you will find quality in any dish that you choose. They offer your usuals, such as Eggs Benedict and French toast, but they also have items unique to them.

The kids will absolutely love the Dough-Nutella Fritters and home-baked cinnamon rolls, and mom and dad will fawn over the Huevos Amigos! Their prices are all reasonable as well. If you end up arriving a little later than expected, they also have quite a delicious lunch menu as well, which is served all day, much like their breakfast foods! Breakfast for dinner…is there anything better?

Another Broken Egg Café

Another Broken Egg Café is a franchised business that began in Old Mandeville, LA, and has grown in size and numbers due to the popularity of its food! Each location throughout the country is designed to offer you a casual getaway feel and provides you with a generous side of family, friends, and friendly service. They live by a philosophy of “Nothing short of right is right,” which is why their customers return time and time again.

Their menu is quite delicious and again offers you some unique dishes. They also have a seasonal section where they offer you some delicious items with the freshest ingredients in season at the time. This café also caters to gluten-free and vegetarian individuals who may require a little additional care in their food preparation! Trust us, you need to check this place out!

Bonjour French Café

At Bonjour French Café, they serve up delicious portions of French home cooking! The food here is absolutely incredible, good enough that even Julia Child would swoon. They offer all three meals throughout the day, and each meal is as good as the last. Whether you’re looking to start your day off with some freshly baked croissants, crepes, or quiches, they have some of the best flavors in town. Stick around for a delicious Croque Monsieur for lunch, or perhaps a generous portion of beef bourguignon for dinner. You simply cannot choose a “wrong” dish from their menu. You will savor every bite and will most likely return before your trip is over. 

Sun Garden Café

The Sun Garden Café is an award-winning breakfast and lunch café in Siesta Key. They offer a family-friendly dining experience and use only the freshest ingredients in their dishes. They also use only locally grown produce, farm-fresh eggs, and freshly caught fish to create their original cuisine. If you’re looking for something delicious, we recommend their Feelin’ Good garden omelet and a fresh-baked sticky bun (don’t worry, they offer a generous helping of vanilla frosting!). Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more filling. Don’t worry; they’ve got you covered with either Elvis’s fried chicken plate or the Mississippi Queen chicken and waffles. If you’re planning on coming for lunch, we suggest a light breakfast so that you have room to truly enjoy every last bite!

Toasted Mango Cafe

The Toasted Mango Café was started by two friends who wanted to provide for their families with a flexible job that they loved. Their business is booming, and we can assure you their food is the reason why. They strive for excellence and always deliver fresh food fast! This quaint café offers some delectable food choices including incredible omelets, decadent waffles, and delicious pancakes. They offer some interesting flavors as well, and of course lots and lots of mangos! This may very well be your new favorite breakfast spot during your stay in Siesta Key.

Lelu Coffee Lounge

If you’re more of a “grab a coffee and I’m good to go” kind of individual, then don’t worry; we have something for you as well! Lelu Coffee is Siesta Key’s little treasure. They have a delicious menu full of amazing coffee beverages for any mood. They start with the best beans, add some quality milk, and combine it for the perfect blend! They are home to the coconut mocha and many other unique drinks and offer take out and even take-home options. Lelu’s also have a selection of delicious desserts and pastries available each day so that your coffee has something delicious to pair with. What’s even better is they offer a great catering service so that your next event can be absolutely incredible. They also offer a variety of local art to purchase. This place has it all!

Where Else To Eat

With all of the incredible choices for food, we can guarantee that you won’t go hungry while on vacation. Your biggest challenge will be choosing the best place to eat! We also must point out that one other personal favorite of ours is The Summer House! It is one of the most popular restaurants in Siesta Key, and with its incredible architecture, museum-quality aquarium, and decadent menu, you will understand why.  

So whether you’re looking for a delicious meal to enjoy prior to your tee time on any one of the magnificent golf courses, or you just want something a little lighter so that you can hit the beach bright and early, we are sure that any one of the amazing restaurants will suit your needs. 

Now that you have been armed with the knowledge to choose some incredible places to fill your belly, you need to find the perfect place to rest and relax. At Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties, we know all about relaxing and are ready to help you get here as fast as possible.

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