Best Fine-Dining Experience in Sarasota is Ophelia’s on the Bay

Ophelia’s on the Bay is the fine dining experience in Sarasota. It easily stands as one of the grandest Sarasota restaurants and is just minutes from our Siesta Key vacation rentals. Guests enjoy an evening out by the glimmering waterfront eating delicious food on warm summer nights.

Put simply, this bayfront restaurant is astonishing and is definitely a wonderful experience for your next beach vacation.

The Story of Ophelia

Ophelia’s began with bold ambitions- become ingrained with the Sarasota community and deliver some of the most impressive meals guests have ever had. All the while, keep things moving. Constantly reinvent the menu with new dishes, merging classic American and Florida staples with European, Asian, African, and other international influences.

These are some lofty goals, and ones constantly being fine-tuned. But, these goals were taken to new heights when David Olson joined the crew. He began as a line grill cook, but was elevated to sous chef based on his sheer talent and aligned understanding of Ophelia’s role in the community.

Ophelia’s Now

Olson combines aromas and textures in wild and inventive new ways, proving that no dish is ever truly “perfected.”

The cherry on top of the menu is the backdrop- a breathtaking look of the bay. Ophelia’s knew they had something incredibly special when they named the restaurant 30 years ago.

Ophelia has been an important contributor to the Sarasota community. The restaurant leaders team with Make-A-Wish, the March of Dimes, and other organizations to feed the homeless, service the community, and realize dreams.

The Dinner Menu

The ambitious menu covers many facets of Florida fine dining, including a specialized selection of seafood dishes. While some selections lean move conventional (baked stuffed oysters, shrimp cocktail) others innovative the styles in fascinating ways.

The Burgundy Escargots Ophelia soaks elf mushrooms in “copious amounts of garlic.” A black truffle champagne only cements its place in the Sarasota history books.

You can find fine dining staples, like the Fresh Okeechobee Frog Legs, Antarctic Salmon, Ribeye Cap Steak of Angus Beef, and the Breast of Duckling.

Ophelia’s on the Bay touches on the main pillars of fine dining, incorporating duck, lamb, filet mignon, shrimp scampi, and more into its versatile and dazzling menu list. The website states that availability is limited and seasonal. Options may vary.

Jazz Brunch

While Ophelia’s is predominantly a dinner restaurant, the team opens up for a nostalgic Jazz Brunch. Every Sunday afternoon, you can order a selection of fine brunch options, complemented by some specialty cocktails. Highlights include the Parisian Benedict, a French brie and black truffle scrambled egg concoction, the old-fashioned Buttermilk Blueberry Waffles, or the Banana Fosters French Toast, glazed with buttercream, syrup, and rum-spiked caramelized bananas.

The Jazz Brunch is eclectic. The raw oyster bar is a nice alternative for seafood fanatics, and an introductory menu list of lobster bisque and Italian cream stracciatella mozzarella salad adds some flavorful and fanciful variety.

There is, of course, silky smooth jazz emanating across the room. It sets the ideal tone for an evening of luxurious waterfront fine dining.

When are the doors open?

You can stop by Ophelias on the Bay any day of the week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant has a lovely brunch available on Sundays, where they open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (while still keep the 5-10 evening hours).

Reserve your table prior to the day. Ophelia’s on the Bay represents perhaps the best fine dining experience on the island.

But for your other meals, check out the famous Siesta Key Village. You can rent condos near Siesta Key Village for your added convenience, and our rental homes are quick walks or bike rides away from the shops and restaurants. Recently, we opened luxury homes on Lido Key, that are even closer to downtown Sarasota where you can explore museums, art galleries, or even catch an opera show! There is a seemingly endless list of things that make Sarasota the gem of Florida’s Gulf Coast.


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