Nature Trails on and Near Siesta Key

Siesta Key is known throughout the world for its beautiful white quartz sand beaches and clear calm waters, but there are also some of the most incredible nature trails and wildlife viewing opportunities on and off the island. On these nature trails you can participate in a number of outdoor activities and other things to do including hiking, jogging, biking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and fishing.

Siesta Key Wildlife

Siesta Key offers great wildlife viewing opportunities along the beaches

Whether you choose to go out on a boat tour or stay on the island and hike along the beaches, you will have an excellent opportunity to view a wide range of local species that make the barrier island of Siesta Key their home throughout the year.

During the fall and winter, you’ll be able to spot a number of different types of migrating birds, with Siesta Beach being one of the best locations for birdwatching. Some of the species you might catch a view of include: royal terns, black skimmers, sanderlings, willets, laughing gulls, herons, egrets, ospreys, pelicans, storks, spoonbills and many others.

Spring and summer months offer even better birdwatching opportunities as many shorebirds including skimmers will nest on the beaches during the summertime. The best time for birding is during the early morning hours before the beaches become overrun with people. Animal experts advise not to feed the birds or other local wildlife human food.

You can spot dolphins any time of the year

Dolphins swim the beaches of Siesta Key throughout the year, and you may be able to catch a view of them near the shore. If you find several birds near the water, the chances are that there they are diving for fish and dolphins may be nearby as well. Be sure to avoid approaching them if you are in the water and view them from a distance for the safety of you and the animal.

From May through October is sea turtle nesting season, and during this time you will be able to see loggerhead and green sea turtles nesting on the sands of Siesta Key. Turtle hatchlings make their trek across the shore to the Gulf of Mexico where they will live in seaweed beds along the coast. You are not legally allowed to approach a nesting turtle hatchling, touch them, or use flash photography as it can disorient them, but you can observe them from a distance.

Be sure to visit Myakka River State Park for hiking

Myakka River State Park is only 16 miles from Siesta Key and offers another excellent opportunity for hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and other outdoor activities. A canopy walk is available where you can view the Myakka River basin, the tree line and wildlife from above.

Myakka River, Siesta Key, FL

For serious hikers, there is a 39-mile Myakka Hiking Trail offering a wide range of different habitats to explore. The trails go through oak hammocks, grasslands and vast prairies with 5 campsites along the way. The trail is also broken down into four loops so that you can plan day hikes out rather than traversing the whole trail. Be sure to call ahead and find out the conditions of the trail.

Oscar Scherer State Park is another great hiking attraction

If you’re looking for another beautiful state park near Siesta Key for hiking, Oscar Scherer is a great option with its 15 miles of scenic trails. This is a much smaller park than Myakka River State Park, and it also has several facilities, making it a good choice for families.

Visit early in the day or right before sunset, as these are some of the best times for wildlife viewing. The paved Legacy Trail is also accessible from this park and it is perfect for hiking, strollers, rollerblading and biking. The Legacy Trail runs from Venice to Sarasota and passes right through Oscar Scherer State Park.

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