5 Free Attractions in Siesta Key

Siesta Key is known for being a perfect recreational stop for families and individuals alike, whether you’re into nature, culture, shopping, or lounging on the beach. There’s no need to break the bank looking for Siesta Key things to do.

There are countless free activities for you to make the most of your vacation. Enjoy the beauty and fun of Siesta Key with these five free attractions which are always just a hop and skip from our Siesta Key beach homes for rent.

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Visit the Beaches!

If you’re vacationing in Florida, you’re obviously going to want to spend some time on the beach. Siesta Key has several wonderful beaches for you to explore. Siesta, Crescent, and Turtle Beaches are all perfect for seashell collecting or a sunset stroll.

The latter two beaches tend to be less crowded, making them ideal for a romantic evening or a safe play spot for your children, but without the amenities and lifeguards of Siesta Beach.

Point of Rocks

If you’re a nature lover, Point of Rocks is a can’t-miss destination. This natural boundary of Crescent Beach is one of the best spots in Siesta Key to collect seashells, and it also provides a great opportunity to watch the birds and marine wildlife native to the area.

If you have snorkeling equipment, it’s one of the best areas to snorkel with a huge array of fascinating marine life to see in the shallow waters, otherwise you can head out for a swim when the weather is nice. Although the waters are usually calm, remember there are no lifeguards on duty here.

The unique rock formations make for the perfect photo op. Just know that there is limited parking, so it’s best to try to visit during an off-peak time of the day. Additionally, Point of Rocks is close to a residential area, so be respectful of the homeowners here.

Siesta Village

Ride your bike around Siesta Village. Its restaurants and boutiques can let you get lost for hours browsing and being tempted by the sweets and drinks. We provide guests with free bike rentals, so you can cruise for hours exploring the island.

In the evening, the clubs and restaurants have music to keep you entertained as you stroll. Even if you choose not to spend any money here, Siesta Village is a great place to take it slow and get some exercise near many Siesta Key beach homes for rent, while enjoying the small island culture.

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Sarasota Pumpkin Festival

Sarasota is right off Siesta Key, so a detour isn’t out of the question. If you’re vacationing in October, the Sarasota Pumpkin Festival is a must. With free admission, parking, playground, petting zoo, decorated photo spots, and live music, the Pumpkin Festival is a perfect way for your family to kick off fall without breaking the bank. Every weekend in October, this festival features local vendors, fall decorations, costume contests, and, of course, plenty of food! Visiting the festival is a great way to spend the afternoon, and the free admission doesn’t hurt.

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Siesta Key Drum Circle

This unique community event is a great way to spend your evening. South of the pavilion between lifeguard stands 3 and 4 on Siesta Public Beach (just listen; you’ll find it), drummers gather every Sunday around an hour before sunset. The timing alone makes this beach beautiful, and the music just adds to the experience. This local event used to be relatively small, but it has grown a life of its own, as many spectators come to watch the circle every Sunday evening. The Siesta Key Drum Circle is the perfect place to see the local Siesta Key community glow.

If you’re planning a getaway to Siesta Key, contact us for details on our Siesta Key beach homes for rent. We can help you find the perfect place to stay and all the right attractions for you and your crew. You can save on your vacation budget and see all the best parts of the beautiful shores of Siesta Key.


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