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Siesta Key Beaches

Siesta Key is loaded with beaches to enjoy all year long and has become a popular choice for a relaxing and exciting beach vacation. The nearly 100% pure quartz crystal sand is soft as powder and is the whitest sand in all of Florida. The sand’s color ensures a cooled surface temperature making it easier to walk on compared to the sand on other beaches. Alluring blue shades of the ocean waters provide for perfect swimming and snorkeling locations just a short distance from your beachfront Siesta Key vacation rental.

Siesta Key Beaches

Beautiful White Sand Beaches

The shallow water on Siesta Beach extends far — further than most beaches — making it a safe and tranquil escape from reality. The water is safe for children under supervision and is an activity families can all enjoy together. Siesta Key beaches extend for over three miles and are perfect for walking, running, biking and more! With such perfect beaches The laid back style of living on the beach is a fresh change of pace and a wonderful way to start any vacation.

The main Siesta Beach area, just west of several available Siesta Key Vacation Rentals and homes for rent, offers equipment rentals to help you enjoy your stay. Kayaks, snorkeling, diving gear and more can be found on the main streets which parallel the beach.

Siesta Beach

This year round ocean paradise is one of the top beaches in the United States and continually receives the awards to prove it. Siesta Beach was ranked the “#1 Beach in America” by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, known as “Dr. Beach.” This beautiful island beach is conveniently located within walking distance of several Siesta Key homes for rent. Amenities on the beach include a shaded playground for children, staffed concession stands and both tennis and volleyball courts.

If safety is one of your top concerns, be sure to check your beach prior to leaving as many on Siesta Key are not monitored by life guards. Siesta Beach is one of the primary beaches that is staffed with lifeguards for your safety. It is a smart idea to start on lifeguarded beaches as they may warn you of unforeseen dangers or weather conditions which could make swimming unsafe.

The close proximity of many Siesta Key Vacation Rentals to Siesta Beach makes it the perfect place to enjoy some fun in the sun. The beach’s calm and shallow waters create a soothing symphony of waves as they come upon shore, which is something you can expect to enjoy at any of the other Siesta Key beaches.

Siesta Key Beaches

Turtle Beach

This quaint and narrow beach is located on the southern tip of the key near many homes for rent in the area and is a perfect family getaway. Near Turtle Beach is the Blind Pass Lagoon which connects to Little Sarasota Bay. The Blind Pass Lagoon has a boat ramp to allow for easy bay access for boating and fishing activities, as well as designated spots for fishing from the shore. Beach amenities include parking, a boat ramp, a canoe/ kayak launch, bayside fishing, horseshoe courts, indoor rental space, a picnic shelter, restrooms and more! This is the perfect beach if you are looking for a little bit of everything that Siesta Key beaches have to offer.

Crescent Beach

This secluded spot is perfect for taking in the beauty of Siesta Key beaches. The crystal clear waters contrast elegantly against the clear white sand creating picturesque views each day. The beach is accessible via just one public roads and offers year round gorgeous sunset views in a nicely secluded setting. Unbelievably clear water provides up close access to the stunning marine life.

Beach Rules and Regulations

Besides having fun there are some important rules to keep in mind on your trip to Siesta Key beaches. Failure to adhere to “no swimming” warnings at guarded beaches is against local regulations. Only certain beaches allow dogs, so do some research, however finding pet-friendly rentals are easier. Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties has vacation accommodations that allow you and your four legged friend!

Littering is strictly prohibited on Siesta Key beaches, be sure to leave with what you came with. Spear fishing is restricted to 200 yards away from designated swimming areas, and beaches on the southern tip of the key are perfect for fishing. Glass containers are not allowed in order to keep the beaches clear and free of dangerous debris. Using good judgement ensures a great trip for everyone!

Convenient Beach Parking

Although Siesta Key may be small, its beaches offer a number of public parking spots to its visitors. Siesta Key public beach parking allows you to explore some of the major beaches which may lay beyond a comfortable walking distance. Although a number of Siesta Key beaches offer public parking to its guests, space is limited so plan accordingly.

Finding your Perfect Beach

With so many beaches to choose from near your vacation rental you might not be sure where to start. Siesta Beach is always a good first choice because of its amenities and safety. Some of the things you should consider include the location (how far are you planning on traveling from your vacation rental?), amenities, safety (are lifeguards available in case of an emergency?) and attractions if things like watersports or boating are of interest.

Although the above recommendations are a great start for your beach vacation, try visiting as many of the beaches in the area as possible because there truly is something for everyone. Be sure to try out more than one beach before determining any favorites, these beautiful getaways are all special in their own way!

Read about where to watch the sunsets on the beach here!

Want to find your perfect ocean view without ever leaving your vacation rental? Check out our Siesta Key luxury vacation rental homes.

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