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Siesta Key FAQ

Siesta Key, FL is a scenic barrier island off the west coast of Florida known throughout the world for its incredible white sand beaches, calm turquoise water, and amazing weather in every season. If you plan on traveling to Siesta Key we can help you find your ideal vacation rental with every amenity you may be looking for, and we can provide you with more information about this unique barrier island and answer any questions you may have about traveling here.

Booking and Accommodations

Many guests have questions about coverage in case they have to cancel their travel plans. To learn more, please read about the updates to trip insurance.

We recommend you take out/purchase the comprehensive trip cancellation insurance to cover any unexpected occurrences that could result in your need to cancel or modify a reservation. This insurance covers items like: trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, damaged or lost baggage, rental car damage, medical care, and so much more. Read more about it here. If you elect to decline this coverage, you do so fully understanding our cancellation policy.

For more information on our cancellation policies, house rules and more, please read our Terms and Conditions before your stay.

Many travelers have been asking questions in regards to flights and airport changes. The following represents basic information that we have concerning Sarasota International Airport. Please go directly to your airline for more detailed information, as each company is taking different precautions.

  • Wearing masks is 100% required by all passengers.
  • Amenity kits are provided to those without masks (includes hand sanitizer).
  • Most airlines are functioning with the middle seat open.
  • The airport has doubled its cleaning contract to combat COVID-19.
  • Contactless check-ins are available.
  • The airlines are using electrostatic guns to sanitize the planes.
  • If a passenger has a 100.4 temperature or higher before boarding, they will be given the opportunity to rest and retry. This process is only done for certain carriers.
  • Contact Tracing – There is a passenger questionnaire being sent out to all travelers asking questions about their flight and health. If someone contracts COVID-19 after the flight the airline will contact all passengers who were onboard and make them aware that they have possibly been in contact with someone carrying COVID-19.
  • Allegiant airline is running at full capacity.
  • Delta is offering a cancellation policy for flights that exceed 70% occupancy. Once the flight reaches that level passengers are made aware and have the ability to cancel.
  • Delta is using an updated in-cabin airstream system. The air within the cabin is circulated from inside out every 2-4 minutes. The air flow is top to bottom and they use a filter that is HERPA approved and captures 99% of the air particles. They have been changing these filters twice as much as normal.

All information on airport and airline processes and procedures is subject to change. Please check with your airline and the Sarasota airport website for the most up-to-date information for your travels.

Our expert team of Property Managers takes your vacation to the next level. When you book a luxury vacation rental on Siesta Key, your Property Manager will be there to assist you in learning the ins and outs of your rental property and answer any questions you may have about where to eat and what to do. They are always available during your trip and make sure that if any problems arise, it is quickly handled for your comfort and stress-free trip to the beach.

Along with a personal Property Manager help make your vacation a luxury experience, you can expect added benefits like FREE shuttle service around the island and there is the option of ordering your groceries online and having them delivered to your door. We also partner with local tour and rental companies that provide everything from fishing excursions to street-safe go carts. Learn More

This is just one of the ways we go above and beyond. We use eco-friendly cleaning practices for all bed sheets and towels provided to our guests. If you would like to learn more, keep reading.

Our rental properties are set apart by their luxury amenities and stylish interiors. You have a choice of stunning ocean view homes, sophisticated townhomes, and beachy bungalows with unique features that may include resort-style heated pools, rooftop decks, huge kitchens, tiki huts, and elevators.

For your convenience a small starter kit is in your home, which includes toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher pods, a small bottle of liquid dish soap, and a small bar of soap in each bathroom. This will hold you over until you are able to get to the store for your groceries and supplies. Please note we do not allow pantry and/or perishable items to transfer between guests.

Insurance is provided by CSA Travel, a 3rd party company, and for all information on this insurance, please visit CSA Travel site or call their 24 hour a day customer service number for more information – (866) 999.4018.

Our Central Air Conditioning Systems are regulated for both heating and cooling to ensure consistent and safe operation of the unit during your stay. Our AC thermostats can be set to cool at a minimum of 72 degrees during the Summer, and it can be set to heat the unit up to 68 degrees during Winter months. These parameters are based on manufacturer and AC Service Technician recommendations, and they ensure that you will have the best possible stay with us, without interruptions. In Southwest Florida, our temperatures can reach into the high 90’s, with humidity in the 80%-90% ranges. When this occurs, air conditioning systems are pushed to the max. These AC systems are only designed to cool a room to 20 degrees below the ambient outside temperature. So, if it is 95 degrees outside, the AC system will only be able to cool the home or unit to 75 degrees respectively. AC systems do not blow colder air when they are set below their capable cooling parameters, they only blow more frequently for longer time periods. If the outside temperature maintains a constant 95+ degrees, the unit will not be able to keep up if they are set below 72 degrees.

Setting the temperature below this can cause increased condensation build up, prolonged periods of operation with minimum downtime between coolings, and the unit will incur damage that could cause it to cease operating. Not everyone is familiar with this situation, or the recommendation for proper HVAC use in Southwest Florida, so we have installed Smart Thermostats that help to ensure your room is a cool 72 degrees or higher depending on your preference, and that it stays that way during your entire stay. While some guests request temperatures of 66-68 degrees, that is just not possible here in Southwest Florida without causing significant damage to the property you are renting. This damage may not surface during your stay, but it might during the next guests stay. In order to ensure the best experience for everyone, we have installed these safeguards. We appreciate your understanding and participation to protect our property, our home owner’s property, and our guest experience.

How to use our Smart Thermostat:

Our rental homes with heated pools offer this service of pool heat, as a courtesy to our guests at no additional charge. All of our pools, spas, and equipment are closely monitored by the home’s pool company for your safety and enjoyment, and we kindly ask that the controls, valves, pumps, heaters, and system not be tampered with because doing so could result in damage that you may be liable for. These system components should only be evaluated or adjusted by an SKLRP employee or pool company technician. All pools have listed instructions for operation of the pool remote, please follow these to ensure safe use and operation, and if you have any questions please call the pool company phone number listed on the instructions sheet, or call SKLRP during normal business hours. Our winter months are considered to be from November through April. During these months we do our best to ensure that the pools are heated to a temperature of 82 degrees.

However, some circumstances are out of our control, and even in Southwest Florida we do occasionally get cold spells that can send the temperatures down into the 30's for a few nights in a row. This will cause the pool water temperature to drop into the 60’s or 70's and the pool pump will automatically shut down if the outside temperature gets too cold and it cannot maintain the selected temperature. This is a safety feature. The pump will begin operating again as temperatures rise and it will begin re-heating of the pool back to 82 degrees, which may take several days depending on the severity of the cold front. Unfortunately, these situations are beyond our control. Please be aware that SKLRP cannot issue refunds during your stay based on acts of God. Other issues such as: equipment malfunction, temporary loss of use of equipment or amenities due to maintenance purposes, severe weather conditions, or other circumstances do happen for time to time without warning. However, please know that in these rare events involving pool equipment malfunction during your stay, SKLRP will do everything in our power to expedite repairs as quickly as possible as we always want you to enjoy your heated pool and the Florida sunshine as much as possible! SKLRP thanks you in advance for your understanding on this issue.

We have dog-friendly vacation rentals available, but we ask that you follow the rules and regulations of our pet policy.

Pets (dogs only, anything else must be approved) are allowed under certain conditions and must be approved prior to arrival. Fees are associated and are charged due to the extended cleaning, deodorizing, and depreciation caused on the home. This fee is assessed for ALL animals, including Emotional Support Animals. 2 pets max. Weight limit of 50 lbs max total for 1 or 2 pets. NO Dangerous Breeds/Dogs. Owner(s) of the animals are responsible for any damage, property damage, medical expenses, and/or excess cleaning that occurs due to the pet. Learn More

Travel & Things To Do

Siesta Key can be easily driven to from the south Sarasota area by driving west on Stickney Point Road across the Stickney Point Bridge, or by going driving west on Siesta Dr to Bay Isle and continuing south onto Higel Ave.

The Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport is the closest option to Siesta Key for air travel, and it is about a 25-minute drive away. St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport is about a 1 hour drive, while Tampa International Airport is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

Every airport will have options available for rental vehicles to travel to Siesta Key directly, or you can choose to take a taxi/Uber.

Siesta Key is not part of the famous Florida Keys which are found the far southern edge of the state. The confusion is understandable considering the fact that there are multiple barrier islands in Florida that have the word “key” in their name.

Siesta Key is 3.5 square miles and 8 miles long. 2.4 square miles on the island are land while 1.1 square miles are water. The island’s population is 7,150 with a density of 3,120.1 people per square mile.

Siesta Key has several beach access points and coastal parks through its 8-mile stretch, so there are plenty of opportunities for beachgoing. Siesta Beach is the largest beach on the island and comprises over 100 acres with several hundred parking spaces, and it is the island’s top beach attraction. However, you’ll find plenty of other convenient beach access points near Siesta Beach with additional parking and fewer people during the most popular days.

No matter what time of the year you decide to visit Siesta Key, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to do and attractions to keep you busy, especially when it comes to beachgoing and ocean sports. Visiting the world-famous beaches on the island is one of the most common activities, and on any given warm day you’ll find the public beaches on the island packed. Other activities that are popular include fishing charters, kayaking, dining, shopping, and plenty of seasonal events

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Siesta Beach, the largest beach on the island is located at 948 Beach Rd which about 1.3 miles from Siesta Village. Turtle Public Beach is another popular major beach on the island and is located on the southwest side of the island at 8628 Turtle Beach Rd. Learn More

Below is an overview of the other access points on the island; bear in mind that parking access will vary from one point to another, and that none of them have lifeguards on duty:

  • Beach Access #1 - Located at 3940 N Shell Road
  • Beach Access #2 – Located at 41 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #3 – Located at 100 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #3B – Located at 136 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #4 – Located at 180 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #5 – Located at 200 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #6 – Located at 402 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #7 – Located at 458 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #8 – Located at 512 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #9 – Located at 514 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #10 - Located at 598 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #11 – Located at 690 Beach Road
  • Beach Access #12 – Located at 6490 Midnight Pass Road
  • Beach Access #13 – Located at 6900 Point of Rocks Road


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