Is Siesta Key in the Florida Keys?

Siesta Key is one of the most memorable places to escape to in Florida. On a list of the best tropical getaways in the state, Siesta Key is perhaps the best.

But why is Siesta Key sometimes confused for being in the Florida Keys? And where is it located in comparison? Here is a quick guide to finding Siesta Key, what differentiates it from other nearby keys, and what makes it such a special Floridian treasure.

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Siesta Key and the Florida Keys

Siesta Key is not part of the famous Florida Keys which are found the far southern edge of the state. The confusion is understandable considering the fact that there are multiple barrier islands in Florida that have the word “key” in their name.

For example, Lido Key near Sarasota is, of course, labeled as a “key”. So, some might assume that Lido Key is also a part of the Florida Keys, but it isn’t!

Technically, islands are any masses of land that are completely surrounded by water. Keys are a specific type of island that is formed by low elevation sand depositing on top of coral reefs.

So, there are keys (both by name and geological definition) scattered all along Florida’s coast, and not just confined to the famous Florida Keys.

Major keys not in the Florida Keys include Anna Maria Island, Lido Key, Amelia Island, Grove Isle off Miami, and, of course, Siesta Key!

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Where is Siesta Key Compared to the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are located south of Miami, Florida, which is 3.5 hours southeast of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key is located off the coast of Sarasota, about halfway up the state on the gulf side, a little over an hour’s drive from the Tampa area. It can be found about 30 minutes north of famous Venice Beach and south of Bradenton. It is filled with affordable gulf coast Florida rentals.

Fort Myers and Cape Coral complement each other about an hour and a half south of Siesta Key. There’s also the city of Naples and nearby Marco Island.

Marco Island marks the southernmost point of the gulf coast Florida before the sprawling (and mostly uninhabited) Everglades national park. East of the Everglades is the western edge of Miami, and then south of Miami is the Florida Keys.

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Siesta Key isn’t in the Florida Keys but it is a treasured destination, known for its mindboggling white sandy beaches and its glowing blue waters. You can find a whole wide selection of Siesta Key rentals near the village restaurants, so you don’t have to ever travel off the island.

You can also find accommodating beach houses in Siesta Key Florida for huge groups at accessible rates (unlike some spots in the Florida Keys). As Florida’s de-facto beach getaway, you can’t go wrong. The sand is pristine white and the weather is nice most of the year just like the Florida Keys.

It’s also a lot more accessible to get to Siesta Key from many nearby destinations! Come on over and enjoy what is arguably Florida’s best key.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys make up a stretch of islands that dip deep into the ocean stretching off the very southeastern tip of the state. The entire chain is about 120 miles long. Take all the islands together and you have about 137 square miles of land.

For the most part, each major island has its own identity, with some being very residential and large and others extremely small and tropical. The keys also have many uninhabited islands that pepper its long chain.

The Florida Keys begins south of Miami. You take US1 all the way down to the southernmost island of Key West. The entire trip may take you about three hours of pure tropical island driving, with water often visible on both sides of the road. You can only drive through a maximum of 43 different islands. Another about 1,650 islands exist out in the water, mostly uninhabited, and not connected to any bridge or road.


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