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Our homes gross $75,000 – over $350,000 per year!

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Go with the best choice for Siesta Key property management for your luxury homes on beautiful Siesta Key, Florida. If you are tired of visiting your home and finding it in a condition you aren’t happy with, tired of seeing your monthly and annual revenues decrease, or just tired of all the new fees, keep reading to find out what makes SKLRP different from other property managers.

Why Purchase or Own on Siesta Key

For years, Siesta Key has one of the best beaches in the U.S. and even the World! We have seen substantial increases in tourism and rental income over the last decade due to of our beautiful beaches and our amazing community culture. Not only are you making a good real estate investment, but you are also adding additional value by turning your empty house into an income-producing asset. And, you are poised to do it just when industry leaders predict a travel boom.

Our approach is designed to create unparalleled accountability and quality control to ensure lasting relationships with our guests and our owner partners. We look forward to hearing from you, answering any questions you may have, and hopefully welcoming you into our rapidly-growing SKLRP Family.

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What We Do Differently

We outperform our competition in every major category:

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It is very important when vetting your management company that you understand the rental structure of your agreement. Many companies have hidden fees. Some of those exorbitant fees are actual profit centers for the company, and they are not actually tied to any operational expenses. They may even charge the owner for the credit card processing (3% cost or more).

Also, many companies try to inflate their gross annual rental projections by including taxes in fees in their analysis. In most cases, the homeowners’ actual income is ONLY the rental rate received minus the management companies commission. In general, fees and taxes should be tied directly to expenses and operating costs, so these are expenses and not earned income. If a property management company shows you gross annual rental revenues, including fees and taxes, this is a deceptive tactic to inflate their projected rental values for your home. Transparency is vital, and we are always happy to discuss our fee structure and how it protects you – the homeowner. Our gross annual rental revenues and projections will always just include the rental rate, and they are almost always higher than our competition.

Many of the deceptive tactics discussed above have caused homeowners to think they were paying less than a 20% commission, or they were earning more annual income than they thought they were. When in reality, they were paying far more or earning far less. You do not have to worry about that when you partner with SKLRP.

  • Our commission is 20%, with no hidden fees.
  • All of our required smart technologies, advertising costs (VRBO only) are clearly listed and presented in our contract.
  • There are no additional monthly or annual fees for our property management services.
  • No annual contracts, cancel anytime! We do require that homeowners take responsibility for future reservations if this should happen.
  • Our partnership is symbiotic – we only make money when you make money.
  • We are your partners, and a partnership is based on trust and respect.

We’re more than property managers. We’re your partners, focused on our mutual success. If you succeed, we succeed, and that is how it should be.

What Owners Are Saying

  • Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties is the best company

    My husband and I own a duplex (Fins Up and The Mahi) that is managed by Adam and his team. After a major remodel in 2016, we were nervous about continuing to have our property managed by another well known property management company that operates on Siesta Key, so we interviewed Adam and looked at some other beautiful homes managed by SKLRP. We loved what we saw, and went with SKLRP. We can’t overstate how pleased we have been with this relationship. My husband and I are very particular about cleanliness and maintenance of our home and yard, and SKLRP meets these standards by having excellent and competent housekeeping and maintenance staff. I especially want guests of my home to feel comfortable and have conveniences and amenities available, and this is something at which SKLRP excels. Also, Adam and Jen are trustworthy and professional to work with, so I don’t have to worry about my home or the guests that stay there....I know SKLRP will take care of everything. When we come to stay ourselves, we continue to enjoy all that Siesta Key and Sarasota offers. The natural beauty of the beach and the ocean would alone be enough to keep me coming back. But there is also the village and nearby attractions (Selby Gardens, St. Armand’s circle, shopping areas, kayaking out of Turtle Beach) that provide endless options for activities and entertainment. Siesta Key is a great destination, and Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties is the best company to provide excellent accommodations!

    Amy Dudgeon |

What is Included in the 20% Commission

SKLRP is a full-service property management company.

Our development team of general contractors, architects, interior designers, are available to help you permit and make improvements to your home as you see fit. These are experts we have used for years, and they are responsible for many of the incredible properties currently in our rental program.

  • We have a team of reservationists and property managers to handle phone calls, emails, inquiries, and our travel site messages.
  • Our Team is Available 365 Days a Year.
  • Our Hours of Operation are Sunday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST, and Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST
  • After-Hours personnel is staffed 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for Emergencies Only.
  • Your home is assigned to a Property Manager. We restrict the number of homes each manager can be responsible to ensure the proper span of control for optimal results.
  • Our team meets every guest, where applicable, within 24 hours of their arrival. We are area experts that are here to assist our guests with recommendations, reservations, and more.
  • Our Team ensures that every guest completes their electronic DocuSign of our Terms and Conditions
  • Our Property Managers inspect your home before and after every guest stay.
  • Our Property Managers ensure that our 87 Point Housekeeping Report is complete for every Departure Clean
  • Our Property Managers oversee all preventative and reactionary maintenance items
  • Our Property Managers put together a semi-annual Owner Report for our homeowners.
  • Our Property Managers will know your home better than you will!
  • Our Team’s goal is complete customer satisfaction.

All of our homes use Smart Technologies for locks, thermostats, and door sensors. Every guest is given a unique code specific to their stay, and every team member, vendor, or service provided is given a unique code as well. This is a practice that we have implemented to eliminate keys, control access, and ensure the security of our homes and neighborhoods.

We also incorporate Noise Aware Sound Monitoring Devices inside and outside of our homes. These devices do not record any data, they strictly monitor the decibel levels of our home spaces. If noise levels exceed our pre-set noise thresholds for 3-minutes, our team is notified via e-mail and text. That way, we can reach out to our guests before fun turns into an issue, and offer a friendly reminder to our guests to have fun without impacting our neighbors.

These items, and many more, are all part of our “Being a Good Neighbor Program.”

Our professional accounting team is led by our CPA and our Accounting team. Our Accounting team can handle all bill pays (landscaping, pool service, pest control, etc) each month.

Our Accounting team will handle or provide:

  • All registration for State and County rental registration
  • Remitting all taxes associated with the rental revenue
  • A monthly Owner Statement for the previous month’s rental income and expenses to our homeowners by the ‘15th of each month’
  • Access to an Owner Portal for all homeowners to review previous statements, future rental income, reservation details and information

We don’t just sit back and wait for guests to find us. We market your home aggressively through our internal website and every viable online travel site, tour operator, and search engine available. Our homes are found on VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, and more.

We work with an industry-leading marketing agency that are registered Google partners and specialize in SEO (search engine optimization), social media (including Facebook and Pinterest), email marketing, content writing, PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, and more!

We manage listings on Visit Florida, Bing Places, and Google Business.

We also have a very aggressive campaign to collect reviews from our departing guests for our company and your home.

  • Our commitment to service starts with our ‘employee to home’ ratio of 1:3 that exceeds the industry standard. This commitment allows us to provide our guests with boutique level service and the personalized experience they deserve.
  • We do our best to ensure quality guest relationships and balance that with the care of your home. Our guests must be 25-years of age to rent our properties. We know how much our homeowners value their investment, and we want to make sure our guests do too.
  • We complete “How To Videos” for our guests to ensure the know-how to use our homes and the many features they contain.
  • We provide all of our guests a ‘Welcome Bag’ that can contain: beverage cups, koozie cups, sunglasses, wine, laundry detergent, pet treats, and more
  • As a result of our Smart Home Technologies, our guests have the convenience of Checking In/Out directly at the home.
  • All of our guests deal directly with our Property Managers – no call centers, auto attendants, or remote managers
  • We are all local. We live here. We shop and dine here, and we are a resource for all of our guests.

  • All of our homes are cleaned and inspected by professional and insured housekeeping companies.
  • Every departure clean has an 80+ Point Inspection Report that must be completed for every departure clean.
  • All cleaning products are CDC/WHO approved to kill all bacteria and viruses present.
  • All of our Homes are Pressure Washed Quarterly up to 14’. This includes: driveways, garages, walkways, fencing, pool patios, siding and stucco, and more.
  • All of our homes receive 1 or more annual deep cleans of the entire home. This includes pressure washing to the roofline.
  • All SKLRP team members and our professional housekeeping partners are certified bed bug inspectors.

We work with licensed and insured vendors for:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Stainless Steal and Appliance Cleans
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning and Lint Removal
  • And more
  • All linens and towels are commercially laundered off-site to ensure quality and safety standards. Read more about our cleaning procedures below.

  • All of our homes are under the care of licensed and insured professionals.
  • We have contracts at every home for lawn care, tree trimming, fertilization, pest control, and pool services.
  • Our full-service maintenance team and dedicated property managers make sure that our homes are always meticulously maintained so that our homes are a great representation of our professional management and stunning community.
  • All Maintenance items are operated through a detailed Work Order Program
  • Our detailed Maintenance Work Order Reports track project details, notes, photos (before and after), billable time, and job costs
  • Our full-service maintenance team is staffed 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
  • Billable hours for maintenance services are charged at $30 / hr.
  • Preventative maintenance programs occur on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually basis.
  • Our maintenance team oversees routine maintenance: lightbulbs, smoke detectors, battery replacement, HVAC filter replacement, sprinkler system inspection, pool equipment inspection, home appliance checks, touch up paint, pressure washing, and much more.
  • Storm preparation and high wind protocols are all managed by our professional maintenance team.
  • We only work with trusted vendors, who are licensed and insured, to care for the important systems of your home.
  • We use smart technology E- Locks that eliminate hard keys and ensure your home is secure at all times via individual guest codes.
  • We are partnered with industry-leading smart technology companies for door locks, garage doors, HVAC systems, door and window systems, WiFi protection, and more
  • Stock inventory and supplies kept onsite on Siesta Key – limits the time for repairs


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