The White Sand of Siesta Key

There’s nothing quite like stepping on the soft and sugar white sand on Siesta Beach; the feeling is like walking on powder or flour, and it’s quite different from most other beaches that you’ve probably been to.

The beautiful, cool and soft to the touch quartz white sand of Siesta Key is truly exquisite and one of the top attractions to the island that draws tourists from all over the world. It has won multiple competitions that included several other top beaches and was given the title of the “World’s Finest and Whitest Sand.”

There’s a unique tale about how this sand was formed over the course of what is thought to possibly be millions of years, and why Siesta Key is one of the few locations in the world where you can enjoy sand of such a high quality.

white sand siesta key beach

Why is Siesta Beach sand so soft?

The sand on most beaches is composed of a mix of quartz, coral and other minerals, which can give the sand a coarser texture and a darker color. However, on Siesta Key the sand is 99% quartz, which means that it is always silky in texture and cool to the touch even during the hottest summer days. Siesta Beach sand is squeaky and cushy, and the grains of nearly pure quartz sand have been transformed to be fine and smooth over a long period of time.

How the sand on Siesta Key formed

Although no one knows exactly how old the sand on Siesta Key is, it is thought to be some of the oldest sand in the region because other minerals like mica and feldspar are largely absent.

The smooth quartz sand on Siesta Key was formed over the course of what is thought to be millions of years and originated in the Appalachian Mountains. Rivers flowing into the region from the Appalachians deposited the sand along the west coast of Florida, and on Siesta Beach high density quartz sand accumulated over time.

It’s still unknown as to why Siesta Beach had such a high accumulation of quartz sand and while other beaches even in the same area have higher densities of other minerals. It certainly adds to the mystique of the beach, as some locals who frequent it will tell you that there’s definitely something magical about it.

Siesta Beach is actually getting larger over time

Siesta Beach enthusiasts can take comfort in knowing that their favorite sand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The unique structure of Siesta Beach is actually causing the sand to accumulate rather than erode. Toward the south end of the beach, the Point of Rocks acts as a natural barrier to hold the sand on the beach so that it doesn’t erode to other beaches. As a result, the beach is actually getting larger over time, which is good news for fans of its unique quartz sand.

Siesta Beach sand is perfect for sand castle sculpting

The quartz sand of Siesta Beach happens to excellent for sand castle sculpting and competitions. The annual Siesta Key Crystal Classic is one of these competitions, and it has been held each fall since 2010. It has quickly become one of the biggest Sarasota region events, drawing over 40,000 people each year and featuring sand masterpieces that stand sometimes over 10 feet in height. The festival is successful largely due to the unique quartz sand of Siesta Key, which makes it easier to work with for sculpting and produces some absolutely amazing white sand sculptures that resemble marble.

Siesta Beach sands are said to have a mystical quality by some

The extraordinary white sand on Siesta Beach is truly pleasant to walk on no matter what the weather is. The white sand reflects light so that it always stays cool to the touch, and its softness means that’s perfect for barefoot long walks, running, or exercising on the beach. On any given day at Siesta Beach you’ll see plenty of people enjoying the beautiful scenery and incredible sand of Siesta Key, whether they’re out swimming, making sand castles, or strolling along the beach.

The locals who frequent the Siesta Key drum circle which is held weekly on Siesta Beach and many others will tell you that there’s something quite unique about the sands of Siesta Key. Some believe quartz has mystical properties including the quartz sand of Siesta Beach. Quartz has been used for healing rituals, mysticism, and other traditions across many cultures since ancient times.

Regardless of whether you believe the quartz sands of Siesta Beach have magical properties or not, there’s no question that being outdoors in a beautiful ocean setting, relaxing and exercising is good for your health. So, if you haven’t visited Siesta Key yet, perhaps now is a good time to start preparing for your next vacation and experiencing the legendary white quartz sand and beaches for yourself! Book a luxury vacation rental on Siesta Key, and enjoy the beaches, restaurants and activities only steps away.

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