Best Time To Visit Siesta Key

When you plan on vacationing to Siesta Key you’re probably expecting the weather to be warm and pleasant with plenty of opportunities to enjoy sunshine and the beaches.

For the majority of the year this is very true, and although there are a few months where the temperatures drop a little, it’s still a lot warmer here than many other parts of the country with water temperatures that are often swimmable.

About Siesta Key Weather Conditions

Learn more about Siesta Key weather in this brief guide which can help you determine the best time to visit:

Siesta Key Weather

Temperatures stay mild in the winter

Every season on Siesta Key has clear differences in average water and air temperatures. Winters are mild and air temperatures almost never drop below freezing. Between December and February, the air temperatures average a high of around 74 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of around 48-50 degrees, with water temperatures being at their coolest for the year at an average temperature of around 65 degrees.

This water temperature is still considered swimmable by hardy swimmers who don’t mind chilly water, and there are often days during the winter when the gulf temperatures are a little warmer and more suitable to those who prefer warmer water.

The water and air warms up quickly in the spring

Once March arrives signifying the start of spring, the average air and gulf temperatures start to quickly rise, with high air temperatures averaging around 85-86 degrees and water temperatures averaging around 75-76 degrees.

The water gets much warmer as the season approaches its end, closer to the 78-79 degree range which is considered almost universally swimmable. Siesta Key remains one of the top spring break destinations in the United States because of its particularly warm weather during the spring, beaches, and the many fun events that are held in the area throughout the season.

Summers are hot and sunny

You’ll find many summer days between the months of June and August to be very warm in the Sarasota area, but on Siesta Key there is often a nice ocean breeze to cool you off. The beautiful quartz white sand stays cool to the touch, so you can walk along the beach and comfortably swim in the clear blue water with an average temperature of 85-87 degrees or more during the summer days. You can expect the island to be crowded during these months, as the nice weather and amazing beaches of Siesta Key draw people from all over the world.

Check out this map if you want to know where our vacation rentals are in relation to the white, sand beaches on Siesta Key.

The fall is pleasant and mild

Just like the winter, the fall in Siesta Key is warmer than you might expect, but the island is much less crowded during this season. September or October is still an excellent time to visit because of the warm waters with an average temperature of around 82-83 degrees and average air temperatures that hover around 88-90 degrees. The weather and water temperatures start to take a dip once November arrives and reach their coolest in January.

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