5 Things You Didn’t Know About Siesta Key

Siesta Key is a wonderful place to visit for just about anyone. The beaches are world-class, the views are spectacular, and the ocean and outdoor attractions are varied and plentiful.

This little island also holds quite a few interesting secrets and some amazing facts. Read below to discover some new things about the long history of this tropical paradise. Stay at one of our Gulf view vacation rentals on Siesta Key and explore it for yourself.


siesta key snorkling point of rocks

1. Point of Rocks Is Said to Hold Buried Treasure

Point of Rocks is a unique rock formation that sticks out into the gulf just south of Crescent Beach on Siesta Key. It is a very distinctive and pristine with incredible snorkeling and marine wildlife.

It is rumored that Point of Rocks was used as a hiding spot for pirate loot that was plundered from nearby vessels sailing through the Gulf of Mexico. One story claims that there was a hole dug in the area with bags of gold dust buried in it, and then it was covered with rocks.

Perhaps the maps and rumors were intentionally created to steer eager treasure seekers astray from the real hiding spots. However, the distinct look of Point of Rocks and the pirate history of the area continues to draw intrigue and treasure hunters today.

siesta key fun facts

2. The Quartz Sand Came from the Appalachians

Siesta Key is home to some of the purest white quartz sand in the world – about 99% quartz. Only the east coast of Australia can come close to the pure beauty of this crystal-white sand.
The origin of the quartz came from the Southern Appalachian Mountains from which the sand was carried to Siesta Key through rivers over the course of centuries.

This sand stays cool to the touch and it is ancient compared to other types of sand – some even say it’s magical but you can decide for yourself once you visit!

3. Siesta Key Owes its Fame to Mrs. Roberts

Before the wife of Captain Louis Roberts laid a personal claim to a small boarding home on Siesta Key, the island was hardly visited.

With her husband, Captain Louis Roberts, Mrs. Roberts helped turn the small boarding house into a hotel to accommodate the captain’s many guests. She wanted to showcase her talent for cooking to more people, and it ended up drawing quite the crowd.

It did not take long for many yearly visitors, including military leaders and Hollywood stars like Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, and Bette Davis to visit time and time again to indulge in Mrs. Robert’s cooking and the island’s attractions. Captain Roberts would also be the first to plat Siesta Village with two partners under the Siesta Land Co.

You can read the full story of this fun history on our blog.

siesta key shipwrecks

4. Siesta Key has Many Shipwrecks You Can Still See Today

Interestingly, you can still find shipwrecks right off the coast of Siesta Key. One of the most famous of these is the rum collision between the Antonio Ensenat and the Charta, spilling 159 barrels of rum into the gulf in 1943.

The shipwrecks can still be explored as gorgeous reefs have developed around them. Other interesting shipwrecks off Siesta Key include the Lynn Silvertooth and the Bay Ronto. The latter is a massive hub for bull sharks.

scuba diving siesta key sharks

5. Siesta Key Once Had a Giant Lego Man Wash on Its Shore

What is the strangest thing to wash onto Siesta Key beach’s shore? In 2011, a giant Lego man appeared on Siesta Key. The Lego man was 8 feet tall and was an instant local hit. The big yellow square-headed character wore a green shirt with the words, “No Real Than You Are.”

Shortly after the event, a Dutch artist was credited with the stunt, claiming it as an artistic statement and a display of the beauty of the real world.

There’s plenty to do and explore on Siesta Key – and many more fascinating stories and fun facts to learn about.

Call us today for details on our rentals on Siesta Key. We can be reached at (941)-349-1125. Feel free to ask about the other intriguing local stories that have captivated visitors for decades or any questions about accommodations, things to do, attractions and more.


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