Turtle Beach on Siesta Key

Finding family-friendly activities on Siesta Key is easy, however, it’s important to find the perfect beach to visit while you are here. The south end of Siesta Key holds the adorable Turtle Beach, which is among the best beaches on the Key. When a family is looking for fun in the sun activities, this beach is a must. Luckily, we have a great selection of gulf view vacation rentals in Siesta Key to stay in on your visit.

father and daughter enjoy a siesta key beach

Things To Do At Turtle Beach

Quiet and perfect for a day of fun, travelers who know their beaches seek out this area annually for its shelling opportunities and its water activities. As far as Siesta Key things to do, this area offers wildlife viewing, swimming, walking, shelling, and reduced crowds over other, larger beaches. Turtle Beach is truly one of the best beaches in Siesta Key.

Families who come here often comment on the fact that this is a good place for shelling. In fact, the best conch shells are found along the shore, and some are still alive! Imagine picking up a shell, flipping it over, and finding a harmless, yet fascinating, creature hiding inside.

Many families collect empty shells to take home for souvenirs, picking them up as they stroll along the water on this relaxing beach. Children of all ages enjoy shelling opportunities as they run along the water’s edge. Parents can relax on the sand, or help children find the best shells to bring back as souvenirs. This makes Turtle Beach a perfect, family-friendly, Siesta Key activity.

This beach is also excellent for bird and wildlife viewing if you’re looking for something beyond the critters scurrying from their shells. Turtles nest here, which is where the beach got its name. Lucky families will see turtles moving along the beach and also witness the sea birds that follow.

cute little turtle on the beach in siesta key

Dolphins, sea urchins, and other ocean animals play in the waves, while pelicans and seagulls pepper the sky. Families marvel over the wildlife coming to the shore here, enjoying watching the birds catch fish or the turtles catching some sun. Giving the kids a chance to experience the wildlife here is one of the best, most educational Siesta Key things to do for the whole family.

The coarser sand on this beach falls steeply to the ocean, but this does not stop visitors from dipping their toes into the oceanside. Walking on this beach is easier than on the bigger beaches with rougher sand, and people marvel over the clarity of the water near this beach. In fact, many people snorkel here, because the water is forgiving for this sport. Families who know how to snorkel will enjoy exploring the waters that meet with this beach.

Reasons To Visit

This beach has been deemed as one of the better, family-friendly, beaches on the Key because it is located away from the crowd. A less crowded beach means more opportunity for privacy, which attracts families who need serenity for an enjoyable vacation. The reduced crowds are due to the fact that it is at the south end of the Key, near Midnight Pass. Parking is plentiful, but it is out of the way.

Many vacationers will opt for the more popular beaches, which means this beach has become more of a private Florida gem. Keep driving past the bigger beaches to find this one, where the whole family can enjoy a day of more open beaches and fewer crowds. With fewer crowds, this beach has terrific shelling and wildlife sighting opportunities and a better chance of creating meaningful family memories. Put a visit to Turtle Beach at the top of your list of family activities in Siesta Key.

The facilities at Turtle Beach are minimal, but there are opportunities to rent equipment. The beach includes a boat ramp, a canoe launch, a pier for fishing, restrooms, facilities for picnics, and an equipment rental facility. Families make sure to bring the fishing poles, boats, snorkeling equipment, and more to enjoy the full range of available activities at this beach. Hang out on the pier, or rent equipment for a full day of family fun in the sun.

Plan Your Visit

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