Where to Find Craft Beer Near Siesta Key?

Visiting micro breweries may be extremely popular now, but Sarasota and Siesta Key have been at it for decades. You can visit some of the most authentic breweries in Florida and get a taste of some fantastic craft beers right by the gulf.

Where can you find craft beer in and around Siesta Key? Below is your guide to getting into some of the best local breweries and digging out some tasty and refreshing brews.

sarasota craft breweries

Sarasota Brewing Company

sarasota craft breweries

Sarasota Brewing Company will forever hold the distinction of Sarasota’s first micro pub. Before hipsters were lining out the door of many top breweries and people traveled from all over the state to hit the best craft beer spots in town, Sarasota Brewing Company was popping out top-notch seasonal brews. The company keeps it simple: 20 beers, any time, always different. These include Sarasota Gold, Midnight Pass Porter, Skyway Fog, and many many more.

The season demands new selections, and the team adopts new craft beers entirely from Europe and America as well as bringing back past highlights. You can get a taste of some crisp and flavorful local selections made from the finest ingredients.

Two Happy Hours make their selections even more accessible. The Monday through Friday Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. is a great time to stop on by, but the 10 p.m. to close weekday Happy Hour is where things get really interesting.

Ask about micro brewery tours. These tours offer you brilliant insight into one of Florida’s most specialized micro breweries.

craft breweries near siesta key

Calusa Brewing

What’s on tap? The bartenders get this question 100 times or more every night, and the answer varies every week. The double dry-hopped Battle Canoe, the malty Fog Warning, the bright gold The Crossing, and the golden-paled Healer help round out the bold and bountiful Siesta Key craft beer menu for the season.

Options come in 4, 8, 16, and 64 ounces. Grab a local favorite and spread it around the entire table or grab a private selection of 5 or more crafts and sip on a range of flavors and styles. Either approach can work wonderfully if you manage to make it on over to Calusa Brewing for the evening.

The Calusa Brewing Tasting Room is open Tuesday to Sunday, usually from 2 p.m. to midnight (with extended hours to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Calusa Brewing is a top place to stop, for the atmosphere and the dedication to the craft. You can take a tour of the 8,500 square foot brewing facility. If you want a heads up and can’t wait, check out the virtual tour on the company website. The Calusa crew proves that Sarasota brewing is at the top of the game.

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A vacation in your own Siesta Key beach rental with access to nearby Sarasota is the perfect Florida getaway. Make the most of it. Find the best crafts in the most authentic Siesta Key breweries this year – don’t wait any longer.

siesta key breweries

3.14 Pi Craft Beer and Spirits

3.14 Pi is not a brewery, but it does manage to offer some delectable selections for some of the most famous and most locally-adored breweries.

Unlike the top two breweries, 3,14 is located right here on Siesta Key. You won’t have to head far out at all from your Siesta Key rental to indulge in the strawberry crafts and other seasonal selections. The beach atmosphere makes for the perfect island backdrop. If you want to start with liquor before dipping into the crafts, order a spirit over the charming live island music.

The location adds pizza to their craft beer menu, making for a pretty fantastic double-whammy. Grab a local craft, order a full pizza, and enjoy the sunny side of Sarasota.

The crew is out their pouring brews and dropping plates on tables until 2 a.m. each night, and 1 a.m. Monday through Wednesday.

What a wonderful place to be. Siesta Key and the nearby city of Sarasota is a perfect Florida getaway. Make the most of it. Find the best crafts in the most authentic Siesta Key breweries this year – don’t wait any longer.


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