Shelling on Siesta Key

A vacation on Siesta Key means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the beach.

Catching some rays, reading under a beach umbrella, swimming in the blue waters and maybe some surfing or jet-skiing are topping your list of things to do while enjoying the more than seven miles of majestic white-sand beaches found on this Florida barrier island.

But what about the kids?

It can be hard sometimes to entertain the kids, especially the younger ones, while spending half-days at the beach. They’re surely not interested in tanning, and they likely don’t have the skills for surfing. What are some activities you can do to keep your kids occupied?

A long-standing favorite family tradition when visiting the beach is to go shelling. Siesta Key visitors are in luck. Several of our beaches are goldmines when it comes to picking seashells.

Where do you go? What should the family be on the look for? Let’s explore how you can take your kids shelling on Siesta Key and make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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Searching for Seashells by the Seashore

Picking up seashells is a great and family friendly way to bring home a unique memento from your trip to Siesta Key. While you won’t come up empty at any of the beaches found on Siesta Key, there are some locations that are better than others.

You might have the easiest time finding shells on Turtle Beach, located on the south of Siesta Key. Some say they find the widest variety and most availability of shells on this beach. Crown, horse conches and banded tulips are among the variety of shells you and your kids can pick up while shelling on Turtle Beach.

The public beach access on North Shell Road is a noted spot for hunting for seashells. At low tide, you’ll find that the sandbars here produce a lot of shells, such as augers and lightning whelk shells. If you’re looking for a goldmine when it comes to shelling, be mindful of tide times and hit this beach location when the time is right.

The Point of Rocks on Crescent Beach is another great spot for shelling. You can stroll along this point and collect shells from the shore or go snorkeling and find more shells just below the surface of the water. Snorkeling can add another element to shelling–it’s an easy activity for the whole family to enjoy.

shelling on siesta key

Shelling: Hours of Family Fun

You might find that shelling is somewhat addictive once you start. How many different ones can you find? How many intact shells, as opposed to fragments, can you pick up? What colors can you choose?

You might print out a chart of the various kinds of shells commonly found on Siesta Key beaches and see if you can find at least one of every variety. These activities help to enhance the experience for younger kids playing with older siblings.

Don’t forget to take a bucket or some kind of container to collect your shells in. Beach Bazaar (5211 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242) is an excellent place to find a slew of affordable beach gear and equipment.

When you’re finished, go back to your beach blanket and pick out your favorites to bring home as mementos. You can place them all together in a decorative jar or container or arrange them on a shelf or mantel. It’s a wonderful capstone of your Siesta Key vacation.

One rule of thumb: if a shell contains a live creature, leave it on the beach. It’s actually illegal to remove live shells from the beach. Be ecologically aware and do the right thing. Confirm with your children to make sure they know this rule, too.

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